An Annual Commitment

We ask every member of the New Hope family to return an annual giving commitment, pledging their tithes and offerings for the coming year. The process of prayerfully asking God to guide your decision and then making a commitment with your financial gifts is an act of worship, an expression of gratitude and praise to God and an opportunity to serve God with your financial resources.

Begin With Prayer

As you think about your commitment, please begin with prayer. Thank God for blessing you and ask God for guidance and discernment. Recognize that your offerings express both your desire to serve the Lord and your investment in God’s work.

Make a Commitment

Determine the percentage of your income that you are currently giving, set the percentage you want to give in the coming year and then complete your annual giving commitment. If you are not yet tithing, consider taking a step toward the tithe this year.

We believe returning a portion of our financial resources is a way of honoring God as the source of all that we have. These financial commitments are critical to our ministry and our mission of changing lives and transforming communities.